Leash Manners

Group dog class focused on teachers mannners

Level I
Dogs must be social and have a good temperament
All breeds
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Leash Manners is a group dog-only class and teaches dogs how to behave in an on-leash pack setting, curb excitability, and equipment management.

The class is for dogs with poor leash manners and excited pulling behavior. Dogs also learn van etiquette for safer travel to and from trails and healthy boundaries getting in and out of vehicles. 


Focus Areas

Dogs work in groups and learn to leash manners and boundaries. Each class rotates through the following commands and also focuses on your dog’s improvement areas.

  • Sit
  • Touch
  • Wait/ Impulse Control
  • Heel
  • Leash walking solo
  • Leash walking in a group
  • Structured socialization


Dogs train in public areas with distractions to improve consistency.  This class is a prerequisite for our Adventure Hikes and Beach Excursions for dogs who do not pass the Assessment Hike. 


Note: If your dog has on-leash reactivity (“aggression”) or high prey, hunting drive on trails and walks, this class is not for you.  Please see our Obedience Plus: Leash Pulling program for a comprehensive training solution. 


Does your dog seem overly excited on walks? Fly out of the car the second the door is opened?

Ongoing training, like Leash Manners, offers dogs structure, practice and consistency to improve overall obedience and excel in an on-leash environment.

Your dog will also get much needed mental stimulation (which can be more tiring than physical exercise!). And since this class is not physically demanding, dogs of any age can participate.

West LA
Pacific Palisades
How It Works

All of our classes are contactless, dog-only. We pick up and drop off dogs from home, office, or day care and bring them to exercise, enrichment, and training classes, like Leash Manners.

Here are some things to know before you sign up.
  • We only use positive reinforcement training techniques.
  • We track our vans and driver safety with Samsara.
  • Our Sports Leaders are experienced, trained employees.
  • Training Partners are certified, experienced dog trainers who are experts in the classes that they lead.
  • For outdoor classes, like Adventure Hikes, we keep a low employee ratio of one leader to every 7 dogs.
  • You get to have in on the fun, too! After every class, you will get a Snapshot of your dog including photos, videos, and notes.
  • Our online booking platform makes customizing pickup and drop-off locations and booking classes quick and easy.
  • We are doing our utmost to ensure safety during the coronavirus crisis. Read more about our COVID-19 safety protocols.


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