Puppy Socialization Series

Puppy-only classes in Los Angeles

Level 0
Age: 3 to 6 Months

Our puppy socialization classes offer puppies a safe and sanitary environment to play, learn social cues, and create positive associations.  Classes are led by certified dog trainers who encourage positive social connections and behaviors and redirects unwanted or inappropriate behaviors.


One of the most common myths is that dogs naturally know how to swim. In fact, many dogs need to be taught how to swim. Socialization for puppies is more than playing; it’s exposing them to new, positive experiences, like swimming.

Intro to swimming
  • Relaxed in the pool
  • Swam assisted
  • Swam unassisted
  • Exited pool by themselves


Pool class is held at Trainer Rhonda’s house and can either be booked as a separate class or as an add-on to Puppy Preschool.


During Puppy Agility, puppies are introduced to different textures and equipment and learn new movements. In addition, puppies learn new skills through observation learning (watching & repeating what others do).

Intro to Agility Equipment
  • Weaves
  • Tunnel
  • Ring (low level)
  • Bar Jump (low level)
  • Table


Puppy Agility is held at Pet Food Express in Beverly Hills.  Dogs can be picked up and dropped off from home or at the Fitdog Club in Santa Monica.



Trainer-led play group with similar aged dogs.

Behaviors we encourage
  • Playbow
  • Shaking it off
  • Loose floppy puppy bodies
  • Equal & consensual play
  • Sharing toys
  • Sharing treats and food resources
Behaviors we discourage
  • Bullying
  • Excessive barking during play
  • Humping
  • Snarking or growling


Puppy Play is held at Pet Food Express in Beverly Hills.  Dogs can be picked up and dropped off from home or at the Fitdog Club in Santa Monica.


Puppies need positive experiences and socialization during their early developmental period (8 to 20 weeks old).  Dogs who are not properly socialized develop behavioral problems stemming from fear and lack of confidence such as reactivity, fear-based aggression, anxiety, and more.

Our Puppy Socialization Series offers you a safe way to socialize your puppy in all sorts of fun environments. During class, puppies build confidence, learn to separate from you, and are exposed to new sights and sounds. Plus your puppy will have fun!


Beverly Hills
West LA
How It Works

All of our classes are contactless, dog-only. We pick up and drop off dogs from home, office, or day care and bring them to exercise, enrichment, and training classes, like Puppy Classes.

Here are some things to know before you sign up.
  • We only use positive reinforcement training techniques.
  • We track our vans and driver safety with Samsara.
  • Our Sports Leaders are experienced, trained employees.
  • Training Partners are certified, experienced dog trainers who are experts in the classes that they lead.
  • For outdoor classes, we keep a low employee ratio of one leader to every 7 dogs.
  • You get to have in on the fun, too! After every class, you will get a Snapshot of your dog including photos, videos, and notes.
  • Our online booking platform makes customizing pickup and drop-off locations and booking classes quick and easy.
  • We are doing our utmost to ensure safety during the coronavirus crisis. Read more about our COVID-19 safety protocols.


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