Board & Train Program

Board and Train Program: Customized for your dog

Foundational Obedience
Behavioral Modification
Exercise and Enrichment

Have a dog that has impulse control issues, separation anxiety, or needs to practice respectful boundaries?

Our Board and Train Program is highly effective for changing behavior, setting a strong obedience foundation, and unwinding bad habits.

We focus on holistic canine learning and place equal importance on Train & Play.  Our Partner Trainers use positive reinforcement training, group class settings, and pack experiences to positively shape your dog and modify undesirable behavior. 


Focus Areas

We believe in 7 core commands for success. These practical cues will give you the tools to get your dog to focus on you and control their impulses.

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Focus
  • Touch
  • Place
  • Wait / Impulse Control
  • Leave-it / Drop it


Depending on your dog’s needs, this program will be customized to include behavioral modification, fitness, and enrichment. Factors such as age, breed & physical condition will be considered when designing a board and train program for your dog.


Program Package
  • 10 Day Training Sessions (at our facility)
  • 14 Overnight Stays (at the trainer’s home)
  • 10 Days of Day Care
  • Various Enrichment Classes and Experiences
  • 1 Pack Obedience Class (per week)
  • 1 Virtual Training Session (per week)
  • Duration: 14 to 21 Consecutive Days
  • Starting at $225 per day
How it Works

Board and train programs are a type of immersion training and focus on behavioral modification as well as traditional obedience training. Dogs stay with the trainer overnight and train during the day. This intense format allows trainers to intimately understand your dog, unwind undesirable behavioral traits and reinforce good habits.

Dogs also learn basic commands, manners, and appropriate behaviors and boundaries. In addition, we ensure a caring environment, exercise and enrichment schedule, and diet in order to maintain physical and mental wellbeing.

Each week, the trainer will check in with you via a virtual consultation and review your dog’s progress. Before your dog comes home, the trainer will review how to maintain training and a healthy lifestyle for your dog.