Private Training with Certified Dog Trainer

Positive reinforcement dog training


Private dog training sessions provide one-on-one time with a certified trainer to improve communication, create boundaries and give you the tools to manage your dog’s behavior. Sessions are 1-hour and are offered virtually, in person either at our facility or at your home.



  • 1-hour
  • $145


In Person, At Our Santa Monica Location

  • 1-hour
  • $175 per session
  • 3-Pack – $475


In Person, At Your Home or Alternative Location

  • 1-hour
  • $225 per session
  • 3-Pack – $600


Why Choose Private Training?

There are many ways to approach dog training such as online webinars, in-person group classes, dog-only enrichment classes, day training programs and private sessions. Each offers a different set of benefits. Here is why privatedog  training may be right for you.


Personalized Attention

Training will be tailored specifically to your dog’s individual needs, temperament, and behavior. Whether your dog is a developing puppy, a stubborn adolescent, or an adult with behavioral issues, the dog trainer will create a customized training program to address their unique challenges.


Flexibility and Convenience

Private dog training offer flexibility and convenience that group classes may not. You can schedule sessions at a time that works best for you and your dog, and the training can take place in the comfort of your own home or in a location that is familiar to your dog. This eliminates the stress of commuting to a training facility and allows for a more relaxed and focused training environment.


Professional Advisement

Obedience is only a small part of dog training.  Much of how a dog behaves and responds is heavily influenced by their environment, daily routine and their relationship with you.  The dog trainer will provide guidance, support, and ongoing training tips that you are able to implement and maintain consistent training for long term success.


Behavioral Modification

With private dog training, you can tackle specific behavior issues head-on and get the support you need to overcome them. Much of behavioral issues stem from habits at home, such as barking out the window or chasing lights around the house. The dog trainer will help you figure out what habits are supporting your dog’s unwanted behavior and work with you to change those habits, ultimately supporting long term success.


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Benefits of Positive Reinforcement

At Fitdog, we are committed to using positive reinforcement dog training methods (R+) to improve confidence, offers longer term results over aversive methods, and builds a loving relationship with you and the dog trainer.


Ethical and Humane

Positive reinforcement dog training is based on rewarding and reinforcing desired behaviors rather than punishing unwanted behaviors. It focuses on building a trusting and respectful relationship between you and your dog, without resorting to fear, pain, or intimidation. Aversive training methods, on the other hand, may rely on punishment, dominance, or correction-based techniques that can cause fear, anxiety, and stress in your dog. This has been proven to lead to potential long-term harm to their mental and emotional well-being.


Effective and Lasting Results

R+ has been scientifically proven to be highly effective in modifying behavior and achieving long-lasting results. By rewarding and reinforcing desired behaviors, your dog is motivated to repeat those behaviors, leading to consistent and reliable responses. Aversive methods, on the other hand, may suppress behaviors temporarily but can result in fear, aggression, and other negative outcomes in the long run, as your dog may become anxious, defensive, or shut down.


Builds Trust and Bond

Positive reinforcement training strengthens the bond between you and your dog. It fosters a relationship based on trust, communication, and cooperation. Your dog learns to associate training with positive experiences. This enhances their willingness to learn, engage, and collaborate. In contrast, aversive methods can damage the trust and bond between you and your dog, eroding their confidence in you as a source of safety and security.


Promotes Cognitive and Emotional Development

Positive reinforcement training encourages your dog to think, problem-solve, and use their cognitive abilities. It stimulates their brain and promotes mental enrichment. This leads to increased confidence, resilience, and emotional well-being. Aversive methods, on the other hand, can create fear, stress, and anxiety, inhibiting your dog’s ability to learn, think, and emotionally regulate.


Versatile and Flexible

R+ can be applied to a wide range of behaviors and training goals, from basic obedience commands to advanced tricks, behavioral modification, and more. It is also well suited for different breeds, ages, and temperaments of dogs. Aversive methods, on the other hand, may be limited in their application and may not be suitable for all types of dogs or training objectives.


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