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Summer safety tips for dogs

Hot Dog! It's summertime already. Just like us, our dogs catch those summertime feels of longer days, sleepy afternoons, and overall excitement. That's why we're looking forward to a summer full of Group Classes, staycations, and plenty of...

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Food & Diet
Health & Wellness

Fruits Dogs Can & Can’t Eat

We love fruit and know it’s good for us, but is fruit good for our pups too? Some fruits are safe and even beneficial to dogs to help them digest and receive nutrients they wouldn’t otherwise. Just remember...

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Beat Boredom

5 dangers to avoid when hiking with your dog

Trail hiking is not only an exciting outdoor activity, but it is also an opportunity for dogs to socialize in an open setting and explore new environments. In Southern California, the mountains are right around the corner, so many...

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Caring for Dog
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Matted Dog Hair: Taking Care of Your Doodle’s Coat

Originally published by DoodleDoods on February 9, 2022 by Whitney.    Ah, the bane of every Doodle parents’ existence – matted dog hair. How dare these adorable creatures find their way into our hearts, only to make us constantly suffer...

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Dog Training
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Why is my dog eating poop?

If you see your dog eating poop, it is definitely cause for concern. Dogs are well known for their questionable palates. They’re the first to seek out that already licked clean chicken wing from the gutter or to...

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