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Nose works scent training and odor detection class

Level I
Basic obedience
All dogs!
Social & friendly
Games for the “Nosey Hound”

You might know that dog noses are at least 10,000x stronger than ours. It is easily a dog’s most resourceful instrument, yet they don’t always have a chance to fine-tune it. Our Scent Work class provides dogs with enriching exercises to use their noses and brains and track down scents for rewards.

As your dog advances, searches become more complex and their noses get sharper at detecting odor. This class provides dogs over 25 levels of nose works challenges turning them into the ultimate “scent detectives.”

Focus Areas

Dogs begin by learning to pair odor with the smell of treats. In a very Pavlovian fashion, dogs come to associate the search-odor with treat-rewards. Once they understand the positive association between work and reward, they’re eager to track down the odor without the treats there.

  • Wait/ impulse control
  • Find it
  • Focus
  • Single Odor Detection
  • Multi Odor Detection
  • Elevated Odor Detection
  • Single Location Detection
  • Multi Location Detection
  • Car Searches

This class is great for dogs of all ages.

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Ongoing training, like Scent Works, gives your dog much needed brain workouts and productive socialization.  Dogs benefit significantly from having a mix of training classes in addition to their normal play schedule.

With a holistic care approach, feeding both mind and body, dogs become more well-rounded, confident, and a better companion to you.

Beverly Hills
West LA
To ensure maximum safety and fun for your dog, please take note of the following requirements:
  • Fitdog assesses all dogs for good temperament and sociability.
  • Proof of immunizations for Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella, Canine Flu, and Lepto must be provided prior to your first class.
  • Dogs must wear a collar and tags at all times. If your dog doesn’t have one, we’ll provide a collar for $20.
  • For van rides, we recommend that dogs have a well-fitted vehicle harness. If not, they’ll be secured by their collar. Related: Safety Harnesses
  • Dogs must be at least six months old and spay/neutered.
  • We only use positive reinforcement training techniques.
  • We track our vans and driver safety with Samsara.
  • Training Partners are certified, experienced dog trainers who are experts in the classes that they lead.
  • For outdoor classes, like Adventure Hikes, we keep a low employee ratio of one leader to every 7 dogs.
  • Our Excursion Leaders are experienced, trained employees.
  • You get to have in on the fun, too! After every class, you will get a Snapshot of your dog including photos, videos, and notes.
  • Our online booking platform makes customizing pickup and drop-off locations and booking classes quick and easy.


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